What OATSA is.
Established in 1996, the Oregon Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers is a non-profit, interdisciplinary organization. It was formed as the State of Oregon branch of ATSA, the international organization. ATSA and OATSA were founded to foster research, facilitate information exchange, further professional education and provide for the advancement of professional standards and practices in the field of sex offender evaluation and treatment.
OATSA is an Oregon organization focused specifically on the prevention of sexual abuse through effective management of sex offenders.
  • Elimination of sexual victimization.
  • The protection of our communities through responsible and ethical treatment of sex offenders.
  • The prevention of sexual assault through effective management of sex offenders.
  • The maintenance of high standards of professionalism and integrity within its membership.
As a voluntary membership organization, OATSA does not credential its members or certify any individual's fitness to provide services. OATSA recommends that questions about a member's credentials be directed to the appropriate professional licensing department or agency in the member's state or region.